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What is pacific pride commercial fueling?

Fuel is the number one variable cost fleet administrators are faced with. And, the most vehicles you have, the more difficult it is to see where those fuel dollars are being spent. At least, it was until we launched Pacific Pride commercial fueling.

How the Pacific Pride cardlock system works

When your company subscribes to Pacific Pride commercial fueling, each vehicle is issued an access card. This card is encoded with all your company preferences, such as the grade fuel you prefer, the time of day or day of week fuel purchases are allowed, and the maximum gallons allowed.

This not only helps prevent fraud, but also prevents mistakes like a driver in advertently buying gasoline for a diesel truck. If you permit, the driver can also purchase ancillary items, such as oil, filters and window washer fluid.

To use the card, the driver inserts the card and enters his or her unique PIN as well as the odometer reading. He or she then selects the grade of fuel to engage the pump.

The driver only must remember one PIN code. While the card stays with the vehicle, the PIN is unique to the driver and will work on any card in your system.

The fleet administrator can view transactions online as soon as they are completed and will receive a consolidated invoice and report at the end of the period.

Benefits of Pacific Pride Commercial Fueling

  1. Better control over costs. With our commercial fueling system, you’ll be better able to control fuel costs and see where your fuel dollars are being spent.
  2. Safety. By not having to pay directly for fuel, oil and other items associated with his or her rig, drivers are less vulnerable to theft.
  3. Expose fraud. You can also easily catch where drivers are not following your company guidelines regarding fueling, whether that is a training issue or something more serious.


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