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Promotional Gifts – How Do They Help Your Business And What Are Their Best Types

Some businesses end up earning more customers and clients than some others. There are multiple promotional strategies involved behind this visibility and expansion, and buying corporate gifts for customers and employees is one of them.

Promotional gifts are basically formal corporate products that keep your customers and staff members happy. Such gestures prevail the feeling that neither the staff nor customers are forgotten and that they are all an inevitable part of your organization.


  • It ends up strengthening your tie-ups with customers and potential future customers
  • It ends up increasing the productivity of your staff members since they feel that they are invaluable company assets

Therefore, you must buy thoughtful and unique corporate gifts instead of picking up anything randomly. One company that offers an endless collection of such promotional gift items is Conceptplus. This Montreal based Canadian company is a global supplier of corporate presents. Some of the best promotional items by this company and some others of its kinds include the following.

  1. Promotional Apparels

Different from normal clothes, promotional apparels carry the logo and name of your company. When you distribute them amongst your customers and employees, the chances that your business will be noticed by potential customers increase manifolds.

You can also provide your employees with branded Caps and t-shirts on some special occasions. They are equally treasured semi-formal gifts as customized apparels are.

  1. Bags As Corporate Presents For Employees

Bags are ‘out of the box’ kinds of corporate gifts. You can order them for your employees if you’re not running on a very tight budget. The ones that are trendy yet budget-friendly include the following.

  • Business bags and laptop bags
  • Travel bags and backpacks
  • Wine bags and gift bags
  • Tote bags
  1. Drinkware For Customers And Employees

You can gift a basket of drinkware items or single pieces of glasses and mugs. The most popular ones include;

  • PARSUMI two-tone 416 ml. (14 oz.) stoneware mug
  • DUHRBRAY 500 ml. (17 oz.) matte finish aluminum bottle
  • ROCKIT BPM 500 ML. (17 OZ.) Stainless steel bottle
  • Maya ceramic mug
  • Dolce ceramic mug with a spoon
  • KOHO mug
  • Tear Back Lid
  • Lids for Frosted Cups
  • Coasters
  1. Office Accessories

Some of the best office accessories for employees include;

  • Journals and notebooks with bookmarks and pencils/pens
  • Ballpoint pens from multiple suppliers, pen cases, and pen stands
  • Lanyards and paperweights

Some other compelling and useful technology gifts for employees include;

  • Power banks
  • Flash drives
  • Pen drives
  • Portable Bluetooth
  • Portable chargers
  • Mobile covers
  • Laptop covers and cases


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