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Best Practices for Improving Your Business’s Data Quality Management

If there is one thing that is imperative to the success of any business administration, it is proper data quality management. There are many questions surrounding this important concept. There are also many questions surrounding how to create a more efficient management strategy.

What is Data Quality?

Data quality refers to the assessment of a data’s readiness to serve its purpose. Determined by a litany of factors such as reliability, accuracy and relevance, quality can be measured based on how up to date and effective it is. Data itself is a form of information that serves as an asset to the business it serves, and contains monumental financial value.

As time has progressed, data has become more and more interrelated to the functions of an organization. Therefore, with the quality of data being considered, managing that quality has become more and more important.

Why is Proper Management Important?

When a company lays out inaccurate reporting or strategies that are not ideal to the company’s initiative, poor data quality management is often decided as the culprit. Not only can poor management affect a business’ state of affairs, but it can have negative effects on the economy. The economy may suffer from damage to due to problems with management of data. These problems can manifest itself in the form of added expenses if packages were to be shipped to the wrong address or compliance fines if financial reporting is not accurate.

Having proper management can lead to less money-wasting, because more money is going to have to be spent to correct certain issues due to misdirection. Also, having proper data management helps a company gain a competitive advantage. Proper data management leads to giving a company a positive reputation and lowers customer dissatisfaction. If there is inefficient management, distrust in the business develops, and inaccurate data will be all the company has to go by.

Ways to Improve Management

In spite of honest mistakes that may happen by a business from time to time, there are methods that can be implemented in order to improve managing the quality of data. The first thing a company can do to improve management is to have an effective data profiling apparatus. With data profiling, a company will have the ability to properly analyze the accuracy of the data it receives. Not only does the data go through a thorough quality check, but the data is also able to be reused by collective pertinent statistical data.

Another tip to improve quality management is to make sure that the data is normalized. This is especially important because data does not come from one, singular source. It can be collected from a variety of areas, and therefore, it can be confused as different data points. Therefore, implementing a single approach to normalizing data can heavily reduce the redundancy of data.

Another step that businesses can take is to install a firewall. CRM systems tend to fail approximately half the time if the quality of data is poor. With a firewall, specific software can be used in order to remove any errors that can be found in data. This also serves to reduce redundancy as well.

As you can see, data is extremely important to organizations around the world, and more and more businesses are realizing the repercussions that comes with not making sure proper quality checks are in play. Utilize some of these tips, and any business will be able to utilize data of the highest quality.


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