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How can a CRM SYSTEM save a company from closing down?

Assume one day at work, a manager receives a legal notice, issued by a customer claiming that the company a few years ago bluffed him by taking cash but not providing the services.

So, what is that one thing the manager would act upon to save his company on behalf? Yes, he would go through all the legal proofs, including telephonic calls, chats, contact details, messages, and different media of communication.

The above documents and the Media have to exist in order to be shown. CRM system [ระบบ crm, which are the term in Thai] helps the company to keep all these as a record for future references. This system, through its saved information, tries to strengthen the customer and company relationship.

The system is a vital generated wedge in the business regulations. The moment a company gets involved with a new customer, all media, contacts, and every service gets recorded in the CRM software.


Every business deal with thousands of people per day. Therefore, the amount of information generated is too vast to be maintained as on handmade sheets. CRM system maintains the personalized record of the relationship with every individual customer.

  • LEGAL EVIDENCE: – The presence of evidence helps in future references. Any abruption in work can be curbed.
  • CENTRAL PLACE: CRM system acts as a central allocation for all the departments in the company to access all the details at once of a particular individual.
  • UNDERSTANDING BETWEEN TWO PARTIES: The clarity between the two parties is a pure obstruction for the third party interference.
  • SALES FORECASTING: With the reference of the history of the customers and preferences, future references can be predicted.
  • INITIAL COSTING: The initial cost of the set up of the CRM system is minimum and maintaining it is not so costly.
  • ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Automatic update occurs in the CRM supporting artificial intelligence, which makes suggestions according to the work of company processes.

CRM software’s availability creates a wide area where people have common customers too. The primary principle of the software is to ‘work at once, and one’s at work.’

We know that customer satisfaction is the major function of any running business. If the customers are not satisfied, the expectation of profit is a moot point. Every now and then, the survey can’t be implemented because of the time limit the companies face today. But, when the customers are characterized according to their needs and preferences, working in an official runs on smoothly.


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