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Explaining the Rates and DHL Shipping Fee


DHL services offer worldwide shipment and instant delivery facilities. The company offers door to door delivery with facility of delivery on the next working day. It also gives you the facility to follow your shipment and track it any time you easily online. But, before you send your parcel, you first need to calculate the rates. Well, DHL eases it for you.  All you need to do is click on “Calculate rate” and three columns will come in front of you providing the best three rates with matching delivery options to send your item or document

With these rates in front of you, you have three options: drop off your parcel at DHL service point, book the service online or book on call. The DHL shipping fee [dhl ค่า ส่ง, which is the term in Thai] are displayed including VAT, where necessary. The three options are mentioned in detail below:

Drop Off means that you can submit your parcel to a DHL Service Point close to you. You can use the free packaging services and a DHL service representative will happily assist you in it, anywhere across the globe. You can pay via cash or card.

Online booking for parcel or document requires you to work from your computer. All you need to do is click on Ship Now and you can online book your delivery. Enter the shipment details along with the address and you will get the rates and matching delivery options. Sometimes the rate and delivery hours mentioned differ from the rates mentioned on the sites, depending on your choice of optional facilities. If you are okay with the rates, you can order for pick-up. At an agreed hour, the DHL courier boy will come and collect your shipment. You can via your card or other mode of payment online.

Lastly, you can book your shipment via phone by getting in contact with a customer service representative. Just tell how and where you wish to send your parcel and they will arrange for the pickup and inform you about the rates. You can book the shipment via call and find out about the insurance, rates and delivery time. The customer service representative will happily calculate the rates for you and easily make arrangements for collection.

In order to calculate the DHL shipping fee, you need to just enter the country of destination followed by the parcel and document number you are planning to ship. Then enter the weight of the document, dimension of packaging and once all the required fields are filled, click on calculate fee. You will get the best rates with the quickest transit time available for you.

Make sure you provide all the necessary details related to your parcel to the company. If the item is fragile, then mention is specifically so that it is not ill-treated. Mention the address in the native language too to avoid all types of confusion. If you don’t understand anything, feel free to contact a representative. SME Shipping offers you the best DHL services across the world at highly feasible rates.




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