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10 marketing ideas to successfully market your Visa and Immigration firm


Visa and immigration firms depend on good reputation and speed of service for success and growth. Globalization has opened up the world and more people are visiting other countries or migrating for a better future. With stories of fake firms and false promises coming up from time to time you need a clean and effective promotion strategy to bring your firm into focus. You need much more than generic marketing ideas to succeed in your marketing strategy. Building trust and providing quality service are the two bulwarks of your visa and immigration firm. Here are some ways to use the various marketing avenues to improve your business in a cut throat world. Use them to surge ahead in your business.

Print marketing

Run of the mill print marketing costs money and most likely brings in disappointing results, particularly when used in a super specialized area like visa and immigration services. Invest in a proficient copywriter and your ads will begin to generate more business for you. Local print publications work best for you as your clientele finds it more convenient to consult a firm close by. A4 Leaflets, A4 Folders, Programme Printing could be advantageous especially to attract local clients.  Include free listings in Business Directories such as Yell and other Yellow pages. These will show up on virtual platforms as we local business.


Since you have a niche audience with specific requirements, telemarketing might pose a problem. Use it to reach out to customers for appointment setting and reminders. Install automated systems to answer FAQs of visa and immigration processes. Improving customer service brings in rave reviews that boost the brand image of your firm.

Email marketing

Affiliated email marketing provides an opportunity to reach out to people searching for help in visa processing and immigration.  You can run your marketing campaign by using the verified database of a third party. Since you get a structured database categorized according to demography or occupation, drafting your message is made easier and simpler. Segregate your prospective clients into groups and send out emails to inform them of your services and offers. Install a centralized leads management system to deal with all email leads.  With millions of travelers visiting different countries worldwide and also using email to communicate, email marketing has great potential for you.


Your website is your face in the digital world. It can create the difference between success and failure. Design your website carefully. Be ready to invest in a professional website designer. This will keep your website up-to-date and make navigation easy. Add links to blog posts. Make content the focus of your attention. Remember blogs and content attract targeted traffic and drive subscribers. This helps you build up your email database for future use.  Your landing page can convert between 1% and 3% of your traffic. Improve the landing page to further help in conversion. Keep track of issues such as page not found, and slow page load to avoid losing visitors. Include a call for action and FAQ section to your website. Chatbot are the future of marketing. Use them to improve visitor experience.

Ecommerce website

Take advantage of the rush on e-commerce websites by creating and posting ads on them.  You can use the PPI model for increasing visibility and awareness of your business. Since these are displayed with no compulsion to click on them, they work like online billboards.  These ads are usually not positioned prominently yet they can target 90% of visitors who come in to browse and leave without buying a product.

Search engine optimization

SEO ranking is vital to drive traffic to your webpage during targeted searches on the internet. Do a regular website audit and find out where your site stands in SEO ranking. Check particularly for measurability, visibility and usability. Make sure you are not missing out on any SEO opportunity. Your efforts will bring more organic traffic to your web site.  Local SEO works better for your firm as it targets local visitors. Contact digital marketing agency London to start your search engine optimization.

Paid ads

Use paid ads to bring down your advertisement cost. The PPC model helps you to draw interested traffic without having to blindly pay lump sum amounts without guarantee of results. Both Google Ads and face Book Ads will drive traffic your way.  List your firm in local Google maps.

Social media marketing

Social media is the most happening space in the virtual world today. It has an increasing number of people joining and interacting on it.  Regular posts keep your target audience informed about your activities and the opportunities they have of using your services. Use the faceBook story option to keep engage your followers.   Put up video demonstrations on Youtube to help people understand your processes. This works better and faster than written instructions. Video marketing pushes your page to the top of a Google search page.  Studies have revealed that there is a 172% chance of viewers buying your service after watching a video.

Word of mouth

The best marketing comes from satisfied customers.  Invest in hiring brand marketing companies who can create interesting case studies of the experiences of your satisfied customers. Put them on your website. The cost will not be too high and you will reap great dividends. Referral systems and programs will also work in a similar way. Prospective customers who read about the way you went out of your way to provide services will gain confidence in your abilities.

Media – like television and radio

Use your local cable TV and radio station to position your services in minds of prospective customers. Use success stories and recommendations from customers for authenticity and trust building. TV commercials and radio advertisement give repeated audio visual input that aids recall.

In the modern world more and more people, especially from developing countries, are trying to migrate and become legal citizens of other countries. This is the chief reason why the immigration consulting industry is a thriving. At a rough estimate, around 244 million legal migrations take place annually. That amounts to 3.3% of the global population.


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