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Your Choice for the Best Films for You

Sometimes it happens to get to the point that you want to pull the plug from the usual routine, and what’s better than a good movie? Whether you are happy, sad, in love or hate the whole world. A film is the one that will make you worry for an hour and a few minutes.

Or did you get to a point where you say, “I saw them all.”? No fear. In this guide we will explain how to choose a film to spend a nice evening or a nice afternoon alone or in company.


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First you need to understand your state of mind. It could be sadness, happiness, in love or neutral. It is important to know which mood you have before choosing what to watch. Are you sad, stressed, and angry (in a bad mood)? It is advisable, of course, to choose a film that brings the mood back to the opposite side. A comic film demented (always if you like the genre) maybe even if you’ve already seen it or gives it the same evening at the cinema. We think it’s great to cheer you up. In primewire you will be able to get the best films.

Or are you already happy or in love?

The right choice could be not really a movie, but a TV series, of the new ones or those that are already at the seventh or eighth season (and there are so many genres). For lovers, a horror could also be good. Maybe you wish to see with the sweetheart.

If your mood is neutral instead (due to boredom, on hot or dull days) we recommend a detective story or a horror movie. Yes, because this way you get involved in the story in progress. Assuming you like genres.

  • To choose a movie you need to understand which genre is right for you. To look for it on a list you can try it in a store that rents DVDs.
  • Fortunately for filmmakers but not for directors, on the web there are so many sites to refer to. To check the list of films, divided into genres. You can also watch them in streaming.
  • Instead, in company, it is much more difficult to choose. Making discussions for the many different tastes and for those who say “No guys. I’ve already seen it”. The best way is to look for older films.

Usually the boys have seen films of the twenty-first century, but before 1999 there are few people who have seen films. So why not look for some movies that go from the 80s to 99? We are reminded of some films by Troisi, Totò, Sordi, Mastroianni and many other great figures of comedy. If you are young we suggest you watch some of their films, because they never go out of style.

Never forget:

Yes, this is a guide for how to choose a film, and the films are beautiful, but in some cases it is better to say: the most beautiful film is life, so go out and look at it.


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