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Cyber Safety Practices That Reduce The Risk Of Malware And Phishing Attacks

Sophisticated forms of malware and phishing scams have made everything on the web scary. The fact that you can lose all your money and that your personal information can be misused in the most unimaginable ways is a topic of crucial concern. Having said that, cybersecurity experts keep suggesting unique ways that can make things comparatively safer for users. The guide below will take you through some such advanced cybersecurity techniques that can reduce cyber security concerns by a great margin.

  1. Password Management Applications

Easier said than done that every device and account should have a unique password. Since we are all surrounded by multiple devices and hold multiple accounts, remembering such complicated passwords is a very difficult task. Which is why cyber experts are laying emphasis on the use of a password managing app.

Most people prefer generating one very strong password and then using it for all accounts. It is because no one can remember a lot of complicated passwords. But, despite the strength, if the password is hacked, all your accounts will be breached. Therefore, the obvious replacement is a password managing application.

However, there’s still a risk of forgetting the master password for accessing other passwords, but it is still better than taking the risk of losing everything at the hands of hackers.

  1. Network Protections Tips

It is necessary to protect a network and all individual devices on the network. You can do that in the following ways.

  • Using a unique backdoor password and ensuring no one else knows it
  • Using scanning tools to check the network and cloud for bugs
  • Using network segmentation technique to preserve information and not losing all of it at once
  1. Device Protection Tips

IoT devices are all computers. And computers are all hackable. Which is why you must take all necessary measures to protect the devices as much as possible.

  • Use firewall and antivirus software applications
  • Use a unique backdoor password to lock the dvr
  1. Finding Ethical Hackers

Before learning the reasons to hire them, you must know where to locate them.

They can be found working as a part of the white hacker communities. Such hackers put efforts to make the internet safer for users and organizations. Run bug bounty programs to find them. The ways in which they work are given below.

  • Once you send them the invite, they start running scans on the software codes that you use
  • They report the bugs they find and rank them on the scale of severity
  • You need to pay after the vulnerability is fixed and the hackers that uncover the vulnerability should be given all the credit


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