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Why choose SFEG for all your surface finishing equipment?

Are you in need of the best surface finishing equipment? If so, you need to contact SFEG. SFEG is a group of companies that have provided surface finish equipment to businesses and individuals for more than a century, representing professionalism and high-standards with the equipment that they supply.


SFEG stands for Surface Finishing Equipment Group, consisting of four companies that pull their resources together to bring you the best surface finish equipment possible – three being based in the UK and one in Abu Dhabi. These companies consist of:

  • Hogg Blasting & Finishing Equipment
  • Abraclean/Jedtec Finishing
  • Complete Finishing Systems
  • An office in Abu Dhabi that is used for these companies to supply their equipment to customers in the Middle East.

Below are a few reasons why SFEG is the company to contact for your equipment.

Wealth of experience

Experience and knowledge are important for any company, especially if you are considering getting equipment from them. It shows know-how and reliability, and SFEG has more experience than most.

The history of SFEG goes all the way back to 1919 – which means that the group has 100 years of experience under their belt when it comes to surface finishing equipment. In fact, the group continues to grow and expand even now, spreading their market presence further.

If experience is important to you when enquiring about surface finishing equipment, then this group of companies has more than enough to show their expertise.

Equipment and spares

Although you would primarily contact an organisation like SFEG for pieces of equipment such as power injection guns and abrasive blast pots, you may also need spare parts at one point. The group understands the nuisance caused when a part of your equipment stops functioning or is somehow lost. Because of this, SFEG offers solutions – they sell spare parts for their equipment in the event of loss or breakage.

The group covers all the bases from the ground up when it comes to their equipment, to ensure that each customer fully benefits from their surface finishing equipment.

Hire and buy

The equipment you need for surface finishing may only be required for a short time – and SFEG understands that. The surface finish equipment you are able to get from the group can be either bought outright or hired depending on your preferences.

Whether you need the equipment for your own business in the long term, or merely need them for a short amount of time, SFEG can supply the equipment to you.

For further information on the surface finishing equipment that SFEG can provide for you, get in touch! Call the group on either 0191 415 3030 (Hogg Blasting and Finishing if located in the North East), 0161 480 8087 (Abraclean if located in the North West) or 01902 601 312 (Complete Finishing Equipment if in need of contacting the finishing plant). You can also fill out their contact form for a member of staff to get back in touch at a more convenient time for you.



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